About Us

Company Overview

Eye Fashion started in Egypt as a small company with big ideas and vision, but it’s quickly grew to become a phenomenon that society finds its various classes, especially celebrities and businessmen, which they can get the choice they deserve at good prices with the highest levels of service.

Our Mission

Offering the best glasses in the world to everyone. Introducing the latest optical lens technology reached by the world. Providing exceptional support to customers and after-sales services.

Our Vision

Achieving one goal, that the good vision is not a luxury thing but a right for everyone, and implementing it in a framework that matches the quality standards.

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Magnificent Collection

Present unique features


Premium Brands

We bring the collection of 84 top brands in Eye Fashion.


Biggest Collection

More than 5000 Optical and Sun Glasses to find your style.


Fashion, Style & Elegant

Wide range of style, elegant optics and sun glasses.

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